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Manage your entire store from a single software


Record all your repairs along with all product, customer and status details.

Sales POS

Register all your sales and services using our completely personalized POS and adapted to the SAT.

Customer management

Record and consult all the information and history of sales and repairs of your clients.

Stock management

Control the entire stock of products and components so that you never lack anything.


Use income reports to better understand your business, improve it, and see its progress.


Download or print any invoice or ticket for any day, or all invoices for a period.

SAT Software Features

Repairs SatPV

Just focus on repairing

SatTPV will help you record all your repairs, along with customer data and device information. You can change the status of the repair to "In repair", "Repaired", "Delivered", "Cancelled" and later see the date and time of each change. In addition, you can also assign technicians to repairs, print a tracking QR code, among others.

Working faster means working less

In a SAT workshop, not everything is repairs. We know this and that is why you will also be able to register all your sales of physical products (whether or not they are registered in stock) and your services (such as refills, etc.). All this with tickets, the possibility of using barcode readers and synchronization with stock.

Identify your clients

When you register a repair or sale, you will have the option to register a customer, search for an existing one, or continue anonymously. This allows you to see all your customers' information at any time and see their repairs and purchases in your store. In addition, you can also contact them and send them their invoices with one click.

Take control of your inventory

Another of the many features consists of the possibility of registering all the products you sell and the components you use for repairs. This will allow you to sell more easily, see statistics for each product, and control the stock of products and components.

Workshop statistics control

Income and affluence

Check your income in any period of time and how many customers enter your premises each day and time of the week.

Product statistics

Check the units sold and billing of each of the products in a period of time and boost your workshop using professional metrics.

Employee performance

Check the performance of each employee (repairs, sales, average ticket and billing), either to have the best or to offer rewards.

Income and affluence
Factura de SatTPV

Store billing

Facilitates a company's paperwork

Download and print any invoice or a set of invoices based on a time period. You also have billing reports that summarize each and every transaction, with a breakdown of taxes and payment methods.

Complete billing software

You can create several series, have repeatable invoices and edit invoices. Save what other billing managers cost with costs even higher than those of all SatTPV functions.

Guarantees and legal documents

Warranty management

Create as many types of guarantees as you want, each with its own time and conditions and assign the guarantee you want to each repair or sale.

Legal documents

Print device deposit and delivery receipts to collect the customer's agreement with the status of the device and avoid legal problems.

Guarantees and legal documents
Repair Tracking

Monitoring of technical service for your clients

Save time on calls

Now your customers can check the status of their repair from our hosted website, your own website or from a QR code on the ticket.

Offers the best technical service

The client will be able to see the main data, status history, attached images and all their signed documents, although all of this is completely customizable.

Signing of repair receipts

Digital signature

You can use a tablet or a touch monitor to allow the customer to sign their repair receipts digitally. These documents are automatically sent to you by email along with a tracking link.

Ahorro en papel y tiempo

You no longer have to print two copies, store them for 4 years, waste ink and paper. With the digital signature your documents are always with you wherever you are.

Digital signature


Monthly From $19,90 every month
$19,90 /month

Unlimited use


You save 0,00$ per year

Biannual From $108,90 every 6 months
$18,15 /month

Unlimited use


You save $22,00 per year

Annual From $199,65 every year
$16,64 /month

Unlimited use


You save $40,00 per year

More modules in ERP software


Manage orders from your workshop to different suppliers in sync with stock.


Generate quotes, send them to your clients with one click and keep track of them.


Register employees and take control of your store. You can set permissions and access keys.


Create and assign warranties to your products and services. Check the warranty status of each sale.

Cash register

Summary of billing, cash closings, withdrawals and cash receipts in a single history.

Emails and WhatsApp

Send messages via email or WhatsApp to your clients with our new marketing module in seconds.

Frequent questions

What is the difference between the licenses?

Currently there is only one type of license, the only difference between the three periods is only their price, the longer the license is contracted for, the cheaper it is. In all of them you can enjoy complete and unlimited access.

What types of workshops is SatTPV for?

With SatTPV you can manage the repair of mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, tablets, scooters, consoles, watches and much more. In addition, you can also manage fiber, internet, electricity and gas rate commissions. As if that were not enough, our POS allows you to invoice any type of product or service.

Can I import my stock and customers from another software?

Of course, you can contact us and send us an excel or csv with everything you want to import from your old ERP software and we will migrate all the data to our software.

How many devices can I use the SAT software on?

You can access your SatTPV account at any time and from any type of device with an internet connection. You can also do it simultaneously from an unlimited number of devices, which will be synchronized in real time.

Is the POS software compatible with multiple stores or franchises?

If you have several repair shops or many stores in a franchise, you can use the SatTPV software with several licenses (one user for each one) and optionally, you can ask us to link and synchronize your accounts with each other, and in this way, enjoy stock , clients or joint statistics.

Can I give specific permissions to my employees?

Of course, you can register as many employees as you want, optionally assign them a PIN, the permissions they require and keep an exhaustive track of everything that happens within your SAT workshop.

What makes us the best ERP for SAT?

The SatTPV software, in addition to controlling all processes, providing information that helps the store grow in customers and improving the speed of work, offers you Support and adapts perfectly to your needs.